He doesn’t call you within the first 3 days.



If you agreed to call each other, and you’ve been waiting for 3 days already, and you are ready to forget about him…and then he calls you, this is a warning sign. Professional pickup artists believe that this is the best time for a call.


He looks extremely self-confident.



Such men know that self-confidence is their advantage. More than that, this method works even if there is no reason to be confident. The most important thing is to show that he is a real macho and everything is under his control (you may never know what these things really are).


He openly flirts with others girls to draw your attention.



This is the oldest and most efficient method. If a man is popular among other women, he must be a heck of a guy! Of course, he won’t go too far because his real target is you. Pay attention to his behavior when there are other people around. If he is acting, you will understand it very quickly.

这是个最老套却最有效的方法。如果一个男人在其他女人中很受欢迎,那他肯定是真正的“男人”! 当然,他不会太过分,因为他的真正目标是你。 当身边有其他人在一起的时候,要注意他的行为。 如果他正在演戏,你会很快识破的。

He tries to touch you every chance he gets.



There is a difference between the way a man touches you when he is in love with you and when he just wants to spend a night with you. Strangely enough, he will touch you less in the first case than in the second. A man who only needs fun for one night will touch you in any situation (appropriate or not).


He says exactly what you want to hear, just like in a fairy tale.



If you meet a guy and on the first day he tells you everything you’ve heard from every other man in your entire life, this is a warning sign. When a man wants to seduce you, he wants to make a storm of emotions. Ordinary men don’t usually show their emotions so openly or quickly.

如果你遇到一个男人,第一天他就会告诉你一生中从其他男人那里才能听到的一切话语,这是一个警告信号。 当一个男人想要勾引你的时候,他会掀起一阵情绪的风暴。 普通男人通常不会如此公开或迅速地表达自己的情绪。

The way you met each other was very strange.



If you feel like the way you met a guy was strange or unusual, maybe it was staged. The most important thing the guy wants to do is impress you very much in order to capture you.

如果你觉得你遇到一个奇怪的或不寻常的人,注意!也许狗血剧情正在上演着呢。 为了俘获你的芳心,这个家伙最重要的任务就是打动你。

He always looks perfect.



A polished appearance, good clothes, and the smell of a good cologne are signs that should make you alert. Some men don’t care about their appearance quite that much. But there is nothing wrong with a man looking stunning…unless you notice other warning signs.

一个漂亮的外表,好看的衣服,闻上去不错的古龙水气味是需要你警觉的。 因为有些男人并不是那么在意自己的外表。 但是,一个男人看上去很帅气好看也没有什么错儿,除非你注意到了其他令人警觉的迹象。

He seems to be a very well-educated and well-mannered person.



Again, if you met a man who is very intelligent, it doesn’t mean that he only needs a woman for one night. However, if he is trying to demonstrate his knowledge or if that knowledge is a little one-sided, be alert. A real poetry fan should know more than just one poem.


He is mysterious and enigmatic.



Women have always been attracted to men who are mysterious. The less we know, the more interest we have. Pickup artists know this very well and use it to their advantage. If he asks a lot of questions about you but you still know nothing about him, he is either a spy or a guy who is trying to manipulate you.

女人总是被那些神秘的男人所吸引。 我们知道的越少,我们就越感兴趣。 把妹高手非常了解这一点,并将其用于自己的优势。 如果他问了很多关于你的问题,但是你对他一无所知,他可能是一个间谍或是一个试图操纵你的人。


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